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Re: Upadting x/tools


On 01/02/2019 21:36, Anthony Fok wrote:

> Thank you so much for taking care of this package!  (And sorry for the
> late reply.  I haven't checked my Debian mail for many days...)

No prob!

> I think "release-branch.go1.11" would be a safe bet for guaranteed
> compatibility, though most of the fixes in master don't get
> backported.  As long as "master" builds correctly with Go 1.11, using
> the "master" branch is just as fine.  So, yes, I think most of the
> time building from "master" is fine, and when it doesn't build, we go
> back to the release-branch?  :-D

Fair enough.

I have been thinking that it might make sense to have separate x/tools
packages per compiler version, because of these branches, and because
some tools (at least godoc) assume they run with the same version they
were compiled with. But I guess it should happen after buster.

> But yes, I see that you have already fixed all the build errors and
> made several uploads already, so all is well.  :-)



Martín Ferrari (Tincho)

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