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Bug#483917: [INTL:it] debconf translation for Italian

Quoting Clint Adams (schizo@debian.org):

> > And, what about "Argentina/Buenos_Aires"? Should I write "Argentina/Buenos
> > Aires", or just "Buenos Aires"? (keeping Argentina/ in this version)
> Probably "Buenos Aires" is fine.  The English translation has
> "Buenos Aires (Argentina)", but that's probably overkill.

I personnally would recommend "Buenos Aires" alone....

By the way, Clint, something should be done (post lenny!) to convert
tzdata to use the Choices-C feature of debconf to avoid maintaining an
English "translation" aside from other translations. That would allow
translators to work on the English "translation" strings and no more
strings coming from the raw package.

Frans Pop is the best specialist I know about, for such conversion...:-)

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