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Bug#419481: libc6 fails to upgrade on AMD64 X2

Ok, I blame myself for not uncovering the culprit before: the directory /lib64 was not a symlink to /lib but an older copy of it (with glibc version 2.3.5). No one trouble with the upgrade after replacing it.

Probably something went wrong with the instalation, however no one glitch has showed up until now.

I apologise for my dumb blindness...

On Mon, 16 Apr 2007, Pierre Habouzit wrote:

reopen 419481

On Mon, Apr 16, 2007 at 01:19:52PM +0200, Manuel wrote:
I'm sorry but my antispam system caught up all of your messages and it's
taken a while for me to be aware of them. I hope it won't happend ever

 I'm glad

was it the error the first time you tried to install ?

Yes. Actually I've also tried with the previous 2.5 glibc versions from
experimental and same result.

does it segfaults with a debian kernel (such as 2.6.18 or .20) as well ?

I also ckecked the segfault with 2.6.19 & .20 vanilla kernel. I'll try to
test it for a debian one as soon as possible.

Do you run selinux or any particular stuff ?

Not the case.

ould you give your /etc/nsswitch.conf please ?

Unfortunately I cannot reach the machine right now, I'll report it later
(but I've never touched such a file). Also, I'll try to setup a chroot
system with just this news libs to isolate the problem (if I manually
install them in the root system, the init process segfaults at the

More info: not a single problem with other x86 and x86_64 systems (but
neither of them are SMP).

 I own and mad64X2 too, and it worked flawlessly. You will need to run
the preinst/postrm in '-x' mode to see what happens, if that's bash that
segfaults, or a subcommand.

 (edit your /var/lib/dpkg/info/libc6.postinst and set the #! line to sh
-x instead of plain sh).

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