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Re: Status of the belocs-locales-{bin,data} packages

> > I think that your question should include the glibc maintainers,
> > however I share your feelings. There is no point in maintaining
> > belocs-* packages now....unless it again becomes difficult to include
> > new locales in glibc.
> We basically agree to include locales fixes in the glibc if
> corresponding native speakers agree with the changes, or in other words
> in case of doubts we will ask on the l10n/i18n lists.
> The main problem we face is that, as far as I know, since Denis left
> Debian, nobody has really the knowledge to do maintain the locales part
> of the glibc. Somebody with such knowledge will be really welcome in the
> team.

Hmmm, let's hope that this will trigger vocations. In the meantime, I
suggest that locales-related issues are CC'ed to -18n just like you

As far as my knowledge goes, most people subscribed here are
translators but some of them/us may have enough knowledge to help you
out (though probably not the deep knowledge that Denis had on that
topic). However, collectively, we probably can be of some help..:)

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