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Bug#418813: locales still won't install. Dependency problem on i386

The last message I saw on the bug page mentioned that the glibc-2.5-1 
virtual package is provided by libc6 2.5-2.  But I've just done a system 
update (on unstable) and the available version of libc6 is 2.5-1.  
Furthermore, according to 
2.5-2 is the version on amd64 -- for i386, the version is 2.5-1.  For 
this latter version the control info has 
"Provides: glibc-2.5.0-0exp1, glibc-2.5.0-0exp2"

Could it be that the glibc-2.5-1 virtual package is only provided by the 
version of libc6 for amd64, but not by i386?

Selim T. Erdoğan

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