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Re: Status of the belocs-locales-{bin,data} packages

Christian Perrier a écrit :
> (keeping belocs-locales-* packages)
>> Does anybody want to maintain these packages?
>> Are there some languages which really need them?
> Not in D-I supported packages.
> I think that your question should include the glibc maintainers,
> however I share your feelings. There is no point in maintaining
> belocs-* packages now....unless it again becomes difficult to include
> new locales in glibc.

We basically agree to include locales fixes in the glibc if
corresponding native speakers agree with the changes, or in other words
in case of doubts we will ask on the l10n/i18n lists.

The main problem we face is that, as far as I know, since Denis left
Debian, nobody has really the knowledge to do maintain the locales part
of the glibc. Somebody with such knowledge will be really welcome in the

> An argument to keep belocs was that glibc is usually frozen very early
> and it then becomes hard to add new locales.
> If belocs is abandoned, we should maybe ask for freeze exceptions to
> add new locales in glibc for the lenny freeze stage.

That would be a good idea. Anyway we already asked the release team to
reconsider the way the glibc is frozen for lenny.

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