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Bug#368022: libc6: rational rose license manager fails to start since last glibc update

On Sun, May 21, 2006 at 04:14:41AM +0000, Aurelien Jarno wrote:
> Well since glibc 2.3.6-7, all our "flavours" of the glibc now have
> TLS enabled, since it is needed by libstdc++. So I doubt it will
> work.

Wrong TLS configure option.  It's still fine:

drow@nevyn:~% readelf -Ds /lib/libc-2.3.6.so|grep errno
 1120 124: 0011f360     4  OBJECT GLOBAL DEFAULT  29 errno

drow@nevyn:~% readelf -Ds /lib/tls/libc-2.3.6.so|grep errno
  290 124: 00000008     4     TLS GLOBAL DEFAULT  20 errno

Daniel Jacobowitz

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