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Bug#328440: libc6/NIS broken with bash/ksh/tcsh/sash

retitle 328440 NIS broken with bash, ksh, tcsh and sash

On Thu, Oct 06, 2005 at 10:51:58PM +0300, Alexander Gattin wrote:
> If I have "+@pwr" entry in /etc/passwd, tilde expansion
> crashes bash:

I need to rephrase -- it's rather "tilde completion"
that crashes bash, not "tilde expansion", because the
latter works for fully/correctly specified NIS name and
crashes only for non-existent names.

> > ramazan@cherokee:~$ ls ~z
> > bash: nss_nis/nis-netgrp.c:79: _nss_nis_setnetgrent: Assertion `malloc_usable_size (netgrp->data) >= len + 1' failed.
> > Aborted (core dumped)
> although getent works OK:
> > ramazan@cherokee:~$ getent passwd zhinis
> > zhinis:x:2004:2004:NIS test user Z:/home/zhinis:/bin/zsh4
> > ramazan@cherokee:~$ ls ~zhinis
> > ls: /home/zhinis: No such file or directory


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