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Bug#257840: locales: Please add the eu_FR locale

Jatorrizko mezua: data: og., 2004-07-15 08:39, egilea: Christian Perrier
> Quoting GOTO Masanori (gotom@debian.or.jp):

Sorry for the late answerd, Im in holidays without net too

> > At Tue, 06 Jul 2004 12:09:00 +0200,
> > Piarres Beobide Ega?a wrote:
> > > Here atached the proposal locales to eu_FR (basque in france). 
> > > 
> > > It is build from the existing eu_ES and fr_FR.
> > 
> > Good.  Piarres, are you using this locale?  Does this work well for
> > you?
> I guess he doesn't because he lives in Spain.

I dont test personaly but I send to a few pesons (at least two have test
it) and all looks right (I think Im my knowledge for locales is very

> > 
> > BTW, Christian, did you make this locale?  I would like to put this
> > locale to upstream.  Is it OK?  I may ask you to get help about this
> > locale.
> Sorry for the late answer (I'm currently on holidays without net
> access and my mail will go out only on Sunday).
> Indeed, yes, I'm the author of this locale and I proposed it to
> Piarres as a "Basque in France" locale is nearly mandatory because the
> Basque country (Euskadi) is shared between France and Spain and there
> are many people speaking the Basque language (Euskal) in the french
> part of Euskadi.
> When I have some spare time, I try working on the most missing locales
> such as the "sr_CS" one fo which I also recently filed a bug report.
> I make my best for understanding the locale mechanism and not to mess
> up when building a new one. Indeed I grabbed a few tools from the
> translate.org site (from which come the South African locales for
> which I also file a BR)
> Piarres had the locale reviewed by his fellow Basque translators and
> this is why he filed the bug report with my agreement.
> About the credit for the work, I give you the entire liberty of giving
> the credit to the Debian Project more than myself alone. I consider
> this a collective work more than my own work.

thanks again christian ;)
^pi^ <pi@beobide.net>

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