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Bug#235759: libc6: iconv's replacement for "German quotes in UTF-8" to latin1

Hello GOTO,
On Fri, Mar 12, 2004 at 10:26:44PM +0900, GOTO Masanori wrote:
> And is this modification gotten agreement from many German users?

Yes, nobody on the german list disagrees with this proposal, and all
who voiced where in favor. This modification would allow people
"still" using the old ISO-encodings to continue having a nice reading
on the console (i.e., only one charachter, namely », for opining
quotes instead of two, and having » is *much* less confusing when
reading shell output than ,, as you can see in the above example) and
people who already switched to UTF-8 to have the "proper" german

> I wonder this proposal is not well inspected.  I would like to reject
> both bugzilla and BTS unless you provide more information.

This proposal is the outcome of a discussion on the german debian
list, so it *is* well inspected. As I understand your arguing,
upstream is "using" a different convention. But please also consider
the non-neglible fraction of people using a system with german locale --
which would like to have output which is both as little confusing as
possible and which conserves space.

If you have other reason for not accepting this proposal, then please
discuss this with us (I CC'ed the german debian list) so we can
evaluate the reasons together.



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