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Re: [rfc] alpha-linux changing to 128-bit long double

GOTO Masanori <gotom@debian.or.jp> writes:

>> The last time we tried a libc soname transition was
>> years ago, took an entire release, and involved probably only 10% of
>> the number of packages it would involve now.
> Does this "transition" mean libc5 -> libc6 ?

Obviously, yes?

> If so, I guess the transition we're discussing about libc6.2 doesn't
> affect so much packages compared with the past libc5 transition.

Err, why wouldn't it?  It's a soname bump for libc?

>> Not to mention it was for all architectures - I have no idea how
>> this could be sanely done for a single architecture.  Remember you
>> have to rename all the library packages...
> This transition is only for alpha.

You still can't do a soname transition for libc without changing the
name of every library package which means changing the source which
means it'll affect all architectures.


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