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Re: glibc 2.3.2 intermediate status of the compilation (not test) on all archs

> > 
> > these are m68k and hppa. not sure if it's an option or not. at least
> > for binutils glibc-2.3.1 shows failures where I see no ones with
> > 2.2.3, is this fixed for 2.3.2?
> I don't know because working m68k and hppa are not available.

I'm still working on the hppa side. It builds. And I just received a
much faster build box, so I can start running more serious debugging.
It's definately a non-trivial issue with our thread register in 2.3.2. I
have patches that fix the errors you see, but they produce a glibc that
fails most of the test-suite. Since debian doesn't check the test-suite
results for install (e.g. we aren't at a zero error in make check
poilcy), it would be suicide to install said glibc build :)

I am working on it in my spare time! Perhaps I should start enlisting
more of my hppa mates to help get the issues fixed.


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