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Bug#152142: ls man page doesn't mention different output if not terminal

Dan Jacobson <jidanni@dman.ddts.net> wrote:
> D> I suppose it's ok for iconv -l vs. iconv -l|cat to have different
> D> behaviors, like ls, but at least the man page should say so.
> Hmm, the ls man page doesn't mention it either [ls vs. ls -C] if not a
> tty, even though the Info page might. I'll cc bug-coreutils about that.

The texinfo documentation does mention that.
If you think it's worthwhile to change the man page (and hence the
--help output from which it is generated), then please send a patch.

> G> I'm sorry but I feel it's very trivial bug report.
> G> Is this bug?  No.   Is this wishlist really needed?  No.
> G> Why should manpage need to write this issue?

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