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cvs commit to glibc-package/debian by gotom

Repository: glibc-package/debian
who:        gotom
time:       Sun Mar 30 06:25:53 MST 2003
Log Message:
      - debian/packages.d/libc-dev.mk: s390 kernel-headers package does not have        generate-asm.sh.  The current libc-dev.mk assumes the existence of this
        script, but on s390 it's not existed.  Now libc-dev.mk s390 asm setup
        part does not use generate-asm.sh, and has the generate-asm.sh
        functionality in its own.  This makes s390 build much easier.
        Patched by Gerhard Tonn <GerhardTonn@gammatau.de>.

changed:    changelog

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