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Re: Problem with 2.3.1-8 for hppa

> If that is the so called solution, could somebody please do something
> I requested a while ago:
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-hppa/2002/debian-hppa-200212/msg00065.html
> tausq: *hint* *hint*
> Regards,
> 	Joey


I spoke with you about this, glibc requires that a min_kernel version be
defined for each architecture. As per the problems that two users had we
added a preinst check so you could not install glibc on a system that
had an older kernel than the min_kernel version (e.g. You would never
see "FATAL: kernel too old").


I intially used 2.4.19 as the defacto min_kernel for all HPPA systems,
both 32 & 64-bit. This drew flack from users saying that 2.4.19 wasn't
ready to be used in all systems. So I apologized and relaxed the
requirement to 2.4.17 for all systems.

I'm not opposed to pushing up the kernel to 2.4.19-pa17 for 64-bit


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