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Re: Problem with 2.3.1-8 for hppa

> Oops!  I'm sorry, I fixed as follows:
> +    # Note that parisc64 kernel version scheme is "`uname -r`-64".
> -       if dpkg --compare-versions "$kernel_ver" lt 2.4.19-pa17
> +       if dpkg --compare-versions "$kernel_ver" lt 2.4.19-64
>         then
>                 echo WARNING: This version of libc6 requires that you be running
>                 echo atleast a 2.4.19-pa17 kernel (or 2.5.53-pa3 if you use

not really....

if someone builds a kernel themselves and not use a debian kernel
package, then the version is still 2.4.xx-payy, so your check will
succeed even though the custom built kernel is 2.4.19-pa1

i guess you can do something like this:
if [ $ver = ${ver/pa/} ]
    if dpkg --compare-versions "$kernel_ver" lt 2.4.19-64 
    if dpkg --compare-versions "$kernel_ver" lt 2.4.19-pa17

it's kinda ugly, but it should work.


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