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Re: Regex update

At Thu, 26 Dec 2002 21:46:45 -0800,
Jeff Bailey wrote:
> We've been waiting based on Neuro's advice that sometimes Arm bugs are
> difficult to test for.  The buildd is broken in that it appears to
> select the wrong header.  Because all I have is a remote account on an
> Arm box, I can't test X - which is one of the big ones I test before I
> upload an arch without consulting a porter first.
> Debussy built -6 just fine.  I haven't tested since then, but the
> changes were really small.
> I'll start a build on Debussy now.  I can do inital chroot jail testing,
> but I'd really like someone to test it running an X client.

...And should we wait for it?

There still remains two major concerns: arm build issue, and h_errno
fix which is recently introduced in upstream cvs.  Arm issue is a bit
for all debian users.  h_errno fix patch is very fresh, so it
shouldn't include, IMHO.  And releasing -9 is more important.

I really want to release 2.3.1-9, it resolves some RC bugs: #170507,
#174267, #174436.  From Daniel Jacobowitz, #174781 is not grave bug,
so we can downgrade to another severity.

Any comments are welcome.

-- gotom

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