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Re: Regex update

On Thu, Dec 26, 2002 at 09:35:30PM -0600, Anthony Towns wrote:

> > Any objections?

> Not an objection, but I'd *suggest* you don't do this; the most important
> thing to do to glibc at this point is to *fix* it (#174267, #167909 and
> arm building at least, afaict), and the easiest and most reliable way to
> do that is to make the minimal changes needed, and leave it at that. 

The reason I mentioned that one is that it's another localised fix to
the regex engine which solves an infinite loop problem.  I suspect that
if it winds up in testing, we'll probably see a critical bug filed about

Daniel fixed 174267 already.  The -9 upload will have the fix.  

Hmm.  For some reason I have in my notes here that 167909 was fixed and
should have been closed.

The CVS ChangeLog has it:

      - debian/patches/cvs.dpatch: Update.
        (Closes: #171550, #170507, #167909)

But the one that got committed doesn't for some reasons.  I also hadn't
noticed it in the build log because it seems that bugs with tags appear
near the bottom of the page.  I'll have to remember to look there, too.

Jeff Bailey

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