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Re: Debian 2.1 configuration problem

On 20/05, Mark W. Eichin wrote:

| Maintainer: Samuel Tardieu <sam@debian.org>
| Version: 3.11p-11
| You may have to look in the "unstable" release to find this and the
| packages it Depends upon.

Right, it depends on recent C libraries.

| Could you check the exact versions you have, and if
| these programs build for you?  (I did use those examples as a simple
| smoke test for the debian package, I assume M. Tardieu does
| likewise...)

Yup, same result.

| I'd also ask you to file a bug (though I'm not sure where,
| boot-floppies package perhaps?) asking that gnat be added to the
| "development" profile...

I'll do that later today, thanks for reminding me (this is something I planned
to do). The only problem may be the lack of GNAT in some Debian ports
(GNAT for Debian is available for Intel and Sparc platforms, a PowerPC
compilation is in progress as I type).

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