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Re: Debian 2.1 configuration problem

> stalled, I installed Mark Eichen's excellent  gnat  package,  and
> things have not been right since!

Umm, my last build was 3.10p-3, you might want to install a more current one:

Maintainer: Samuel Tardieu <sam@debian.org>
Version: 3.11p-11

You may have to look in the "unstable" release to find this and the
packages it Depends upon.

However, I will note that on my "stable" system, with 3.10p-3
installed, I copied /usr/doc/gnat/examples/* to a temporary directory,
did a "gunzip *.gz" and a "make all", and it built and ran everything,
even feeding some philosophers.  (ex6 didn't build but that's C++, not
Ada)  That system has libc6-dev, ld is from binutils  Could you check the exact versions you have, and if
these programs build for you?  (I did use those examples as a simple
smoke test for the debian package, I assume M. Tardieu does

On my "unstable" system with gnat 3.11p-11, libc6-dev 2.1.1-5, and
binutils, it also worked (ex6 failed for related

I'd also ask you to file a bug (though I'm not sure where,
boot-floppies package perhaps?) asking that gnat be added to the
"development" profile...

			_Mark_ <eichin@thok.org>
			The Herd of Kittens
			Debian Package Maintainer

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