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Debian 2.1 configuration problem

After  reading  what I've written below, this appears to be a De-
bian bug centered around the installation of "ld."  I've  decided
to  post  it to chat anyway, hoping that another Debian/gnat user
can offer help.

I recently installed Debian 2.1 on a new machine  using  a  CDROM
set  from  Cheapbytes.   The CDROM distribution has several "pro-
files" that are available to install a base set of packages.  The
profile  that  I chose installed Debian's "libc6-dev" package and
some packages that depend on libc6-dev.  Unfortunately,  none  of
the  profiles  include  gnat  :(   After the base profile was in-
stalled, I installed Mark Eichen's excellent  gnat  package,  and
things have not been right since!

The  rest  of  my cry for help is probably of no interest to chat
readers not using Debian, as the problem appears to  be  confined
to  how  gnatlink calls ld and is unlikely to occur on other sys-
tems.  The history is thus:   After  writing  several  procedures
(which  passed  Debian's  gnatgcc  3.10p compiler's syntax checks
(gnatgcc -c -gnatv *.adb),) I attempted to compile an executable.
Linking  failed,  with  about  15 undefined references similar to
those experienced with libc  library  mismatches.   ld  indicated
that  it  was  calling  "crt1.o"  which  is  provided by Debian's
libc6-dev package...and since there was nothing that I  was  par-
ticularly interested in that package; I removed it.  ld still at-
tempts to call crt1.o, even though crt1.o is not installed on the
system.   I  reinstalled the package that provides ld without any
positive result: ld still attempts to call crt1.o.  I reinstalled
gnat  with no change.  In desperation, I installed the gnat 3.11p
binary on top of the Debian packages, and still no change.

In retrospect, since the linker is not part  of  GNU  CC  it  was
pointless  to think that reinstalling or installing a gcc package
would solve the problem.  I thought that I might get  around  the
problem by passing some options to the linker, but I haven't fig-
ured out how to yet by reading the gnat supersecret documentation
(that I swear to take to my grave with me :)

If  someone could point me in the right direction to pass options
to the linker using gnatmake and family, I would  appreciate  it.
Perhaps if you know how the linker works, you can tell me if this
problem is something I can work around until I get it fixed.

Thanks for your patience,
Scott Ingram
Sonar Processing and Analysis Laboratory
Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

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