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Re: openstreetmap-carto

On 11/18/21 14:41, Johannes Schauer Marin Rodrigues wrote:
Quoting Sebastiaan Couwenberg (2021-11-18 13:50:04)
On 11/18/21 11:46, Johannes Schauer Marin Rodrigues wrote:
I saw that you renamed salsa-ci.yml to .gitlab-ci.yml (why?)

Because when Salsa was introduced we needed to configure something else
to not have the CI be triggered by the upstream configuration.

Using the default filename for GitLab CI in the debian directory was an
obvious choice

ah okay, so that's a leftover from before the salsa pipeline team recommended
using debian/salsa-ci.yml as the standard path.

It's not a leftover.

Configuring the packaging repos to use debian/.gitlab-ci.yml makes a lot of sense. It can be used without any of the Salsa CI tasks.

Perhaps we should make it a symlink to salsa-ci.yml when that's used, to have that now reasonably well known filename in use too.

Would you like to give the package a short review before I upload it to

Not now at least.

Perhaps we should take the opportunity to move the package to the
JavaScript team where its dependencies live too. You also won't have to
conform the GIS team policy for this package then either.

If that would be in interest of the GIS team, then sure, we can move it. I
don't have a strong opinion about its location but just find it a bit odd to
have a package in the JavaScript team without any javascript. ;)

The GIS is the most appropriate umbrella for OSM related packages these days. I just don't want to deal with the NodeJS mess anymore. Since that's only in the build dependencies we can keep the package too. Where ever you decide to maintain the package, you should at least add yourself to the Uploaders.

Is there any reason why openstreetmap-carto-common doesn't ship project.mml,
openstreetmap-carto.lua, openstreetmap-carto.style and indexes.sql? If these
files were shipped by openstreetmap-carto-common (or another new package), then
it would be possible to run run carto and osm2pgsql with custom modifications
to project.mml (in my case, I need a different port and host for the postgres

Probably because those files weren't used. You should ask the previous uploads (Ruben Undheim and/or Christopher Baines).

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