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On 11/18/21 11:46, Johannes Schauer Marin Rodrigues wrote:
I saw that you renamed salsa-ci.yml to .gitlab-ci.yml (why?)

Because when Salsa was introduced we needed to configure something else to not have the CI be triggered by the upstream configuration.

Using the default filename for GitLab CI in the debian directory was an obvious choice

and probably also enabled salsaci for openstreetmap-carto. Thank you!

It's enabled by default, have a look at the script used to create the repo to see that it only changes the ci_config_path option to use the one for the packaging instead of upstream sources.

Would you like to give the package a short review before I upload it to NEW?

Not now at least.

Perhaps we should take the opportunity to move the package to the JavaScript team where its dependencies live too. You also won't have to conform the GIS team policy for this package then either.

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