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Re: openstreetmap-carto

Quoting Sebastiaan Couwenberg (2021-11-18 13:50:04)
> On 11/18/21 11:46, Johannes Schauer Marin Rodrigues wrote:
> > I saw that you renamed salsa-ci.yml to .gitlab-ci.yml (why?)
> Because when Salsa was introduced we needed to configure something else 
> to not have the CI be triggered by the upstream configuration.
> Using the default filename for GitLab CI in the debian directory was an 
> obvious choice

ah okay, so that's a leftover from before the salsa pipeline team recommended
using debian/salsa-ci.yml as the standard path.

> > Would you like to give the package a short review before I upload it to
> > NEW?
> Not now at least.
> Perhaps we should take the opportunity to move the package to the 
> JavaScript team where its dependencies live too. You also won't have to 
> conform the GIS team policy for this package then either.

If that would be in interest of the GIS team, then sure, we can move it. I
don't have a strong opinion about its location but just find it a bit odd to
have a package in the JavaScript team without any javascript. ;)

Is there any reason why openstreetmap-carto-common doesn't ship project.mml,
openstreetmap-carto.lua, openstreetmap-carto.style and indexes.sql? If these
files were shipped by openstreetmap-carto-common (or another new package), then
it would be possible to run run carto and osm2pgsql with custom modifications
to project.mml (in my case, I need a different port and host for the postgres


cheers, josch

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