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ruby-netcdf & ruby-hdfeos5 need work for Ruby 3.0

Hi Youhei,

Do you still use ruby-netcdf & ruby-hdfeos5? They have RC bugs caused by
the upcoming transition to Ruby 3.0:

 https://bugs.debian.org/996291 (ruby-hdfeos5)
 https://bugs.debian.org/996324 (ruby-netcdf)

Neither of these have seen any recent upstream releases, nor
ruby-narray-miss for that matter, and cannot be considered healthy projects.

If you're no longer using these packages, we should remove them from the

If you are still using them, can you work on fixing the ruby 3.0 support
in these packages?

ruby-narray-miss doesn't have an RC bug at the moment, but it seems
unlikely that supports Ruby 3.0 without any changes. While it also has a
very low popcon score like the other two, it has a few more rdeps that
complicate its removal.

Kind Regards,


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