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Re: Fwd: ITP: pymap3d -- https://github.com/geospace-code/pymap3d

Dear Sebastiaan,

Il 01/03/20 10:44, Sebastiaan Couwenberg ha scritto:
> On 3/1/20 8:44 AM, Sebastiaan Couwenberg wrote:
>> On 3/1/20 8:23 AM, Antonio Valentino wrote:
>>> I have prepared a debian package for pymap3d which is a (pure) Python
>>> package for 3-D geographic coordinate conversions and geodesy.
>>> I would like to maintain it in Debian GIS if you agree and if you are
>>> willing to create the repository on salsa nad sponsor the upload.
>> Repo is available:
>>  https://salsa.debian.org/debian-gis-team/pymap3d
>>> I have uploaded the package in mentors.d.n, in case you wan to give a
>>> look to the package.
>> I'll have a look once it's on Salsa.
> Only some minor nitpicks:
>  * debian/copyright
>    Use "<year>, <author>" format for copyright holders,
>    the comma is missing currently.
>  * debian/watch
>    Has repacksuffix defined, but none is required
>    (no Files-Excluded in d/copyright).
> I've sponsored the upload regardless.

Thank you very much.
I will implement fixes in new versions.

kind regards

Antonio Valentino

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