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Re: PyTroll satpy packaging

Hi Bas,

Il 29/12/18 21:32, Sebastiaan Couwenberg ha scritto:
> On 12/29/18 8:01 PM, Antonio Valentino wrote:


>> pyhdf
>> Should be OK but it is still not in the archive and I'm currently not
>> able to build it (after a gcc update). Not sure if we should file a bug
>> for this. Please let me know.
> I sent a message about that earlier, but it never made it to the list
> probably due to the strace attachments.
> The issue is not related to hardening flags nor parallel builds,
> disabling both did not resolve the issue. As these are common causes I
> had to check that.
> Running the `python3 setup.py build` command through strace shows that
> one of the child processes does fail, see the attached traces (in the
> tarball) and python3-build.strace.2241 specifically.
> Perhaps upstream can help troubleshoot the issue.
OK, I think I managed to fix this one.
Can you please give it a try?

I plan to make a PR ustream as soon as the debian package is uploaded.

kind regards

Antonio Valentino

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