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PyTroll satpy packaging

Dear Sebastiaan, dear debian-gis developers,
I'm working on the debian package for satpy [1], a Python package for
earth-observing satellite data processing.

It is an interesting package that completes the PyTroll [2] suite of
packages for remote sensing and earth observation.

The package description:
 The SatPy package is a Python library for reading and manipulating
 meteorological remote sensing data and writing it to various image and
 data file formats. SatPy comes with the ability to make various RGB
 composites directly from satellite instrument channel data or higher
 level processing output. The pyresample package is used
 to resample data to different uniform areas or grids.

If you agree, and someone is willing to sponsor uploads, I would like to
maintain the package and its dependencies under the degian-gis.

Some detail about package and already open ITPs:

Main package ITP
#917110: satpy -- Python package for earth-observing satellite data

ITP for dependency packages
#916541: trollsift -- String parser/formatter
#916550: trollimage -- Pytroll imaging library
#917149: python-geotiepoints -- Interpolation of geographic tiepoints in
#917156: pygac -- NOAA AVHRR GAC reader and calibration -- WIP

Dependency package that in in debian [3] but orphaned
#705208: pylibtiff -- wrapper to the libtiff library to Python using ctypes

Please note that pylibtiff  is an already existing package that should
be adopted by debian-gis. I already made some work on it but changes are
still not online.

Other optional dependencies (still no ITP):
* python-hdf4 (pyhdf)
* pyspectral
* pytroll-schedule

Please let me know if you think that satpy is a good candidate for
debian-gis and if there is someone that want to sponsor it.

satpy, trollsift, trollimage and python-geotiepoints have been uploaded
to mentors. I can put them on salsa as soon as someone creates the
repositories, I do not have permission to do it.

Regarding pylibtiff, it already has a git repository but probably it
would be better to move it under debian-gis.
In any case I will wait for an OK before changing the #705208 into an ITA.

[1] https://github.com/pytroll/satpy
[2] http://pytroll.github.io
[3] https://tracker.debian.org/pkg/pylibtiff

kind regards

Antonio Valentino

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