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GDAL 2.4.0

GDAL 2.4.0 has been released, and the gdal package has been updated for

No changes in drivers, other than those enabled by default.

The virtual ABI dependency has been updated to gdal-abi-2-4-0, so a
transition will be required. If everything goes well we should be able
to get it into buster before the transition freeze.

mysql-workbench (6.3.10+dfsg-3) FTBFS due to an unrelated issue (#914761).

While vtk7 (7.1.1+dfsg1-12) initially built successfully, the
mariadb-10.3 update that was uploaded in the mean time broke the
build. Hopefully this gets fixed before the transition. It also caused
MySQL support to be disabled in gdal (2.4.0+dfsg-1~exp1), see #917075.

Transition: gdal

 libgdal20 (2.3.3+dfsg-1) -> libgdal20 (2.4.0+dfsg-1~exp1)
 gdal-abi-2-3-0           -> gdal-abi-2-4-0

The status of the most recent rebuilds is as follows.

 dans-gdal-scripts        (0.24-3)                 OK
 fiona                    (1.8.4-1)                OK
 gazebo                   (9.4.1+dfsg-1)           OK
 gmt                      (5.4.4+dfsg-3)           SKIP (no C++)
 imposm                   (2.6.0+ds-6)             SKIP (no C++)
 libcitygml               (2.0.9-2)                OK
 liblas                   (1.8.1-8)                OK
 libosmium                (2.15.0-1)               SKIP (no C++)
 mapcache                 (1.6.1-3)                SKIP (no C++)
 mapnik                   (3.0.21+ds-2)            OK
 mapproxy                 (1.11.0-3)               SKIP (no C++)
 mapserver                (7.2.1-1)                SKIP (no C++)
 merkaartor               (0.18.3+ds-5)            OK
 mysql-workbench          (6.3.10+dfsg-3)          FTBFS (#914761)
 ncl                      (6.5.0-1)                SKIP (no C++)
 node-srs                 (0.4.8+dfsg-3)           OK
 octave-mapping           (1.2.1-3)                OK
 openorienteering-mapper  (              SKIP (no C++)
 openscenegraph           (3.2.3+dfsg1-2)          OK
 pdal                     (1.8.0+ds-1)             OK
 pgsql-ogr-fdw            (1.0.7-2)                SKIP (no C++)
 postgis                  (2.5.1+dfsg-1)           SKIP (no C++)
 pprepair                 (0.0~20170614-dd91a21-3) OK
 prepair                  (0.7.1-3)                OK
 python-django            (1:1.11.17-2)            SKIP (no C++)
 qmapshack                (1.12.0-1)               OK
 r-bioc-annotationdbi     (1.44.0-1)               SKIP (no C++)
 r-bioc-biomformat        (1.10.0+dfsg-1)          SKIP (no C++)
 r-bioc-delayedarray      (0.8.0+dfsg-1)           SKIP (no C++)
 r-bioc-deseq2            (1.22.1+dfsg-2)          SKIP (no C++)
 r-bioc-genomeinfodb      (1.18.1-1)               SKIP (no C++)
 r-cran-caret             (6.0-81-2)               SKIP (no C++)
 r-cran-mi                (1.0-7)                  SKIP (no C++)
 r-cran-sf                (0.7-1+dfsg-2)           OK
 r-cran-tmvtnorm          (1.4-10-3)               SKIP (no C++)
 rasterio                 (1.0.13-1)               OK
 sumo                     (0.32.0+dfsg1-2)         OK
 thuban                   (1.2.2-14)               OK
 vtk6                     (6.3.0+dfsg2-2)          OK
 vtk7                     (7.1.1+dfsg1-12)         OK
 xastir                   (2.1.0-1)                SKIP (no C++)

 cloudcompare             (2.9.1+git20180223-1)    SKIP (no C++)
 grass                    (7.4.3-1)                SKIP (no C++)
 opencv                   (3.2.0+dfsg-5)           OK
 openscenegraph-3.4       (3.4.1+dfsg1-4)          OK
 osmcoastline             (2.2.1-1)                OK
 pktools                  (           OK
 pyosmium                 (2.15.0-1)               SKIP (no C++)
 r-bioc-rtracklayer       (1.42.1-1)               SKIP (no C++)

 libgdal-grass            (2.3.3-1 / 2.4.0-1~exp1) FTBFS / OK
 osgearth                 (2.10.0+dfsg-1)          OK
 otb                      (6.6.1+dfsg-1)           OK
 qgis                     (2.18.26+dfsg-1)         OK
 r-bioc-variantannotation (1.28.3-1)               SKIP (no C++)
 saga                     (2.3.1+dfsg-4)           OK

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