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Re: OTB package without machine learning

On 2017-03-01 14:56, Guillaume Pasero wrote:
	* libSVM : compatible package available in unstable, but not in

There were issues with compatibility with the package in Debian, and was not enabled because of that.

 	* OpenCV : compatible versions is 2.4, libopencv-ml available in
unstable, but not in experimental (where there is only 3.X available)

There is no support for the OpenCV version in experimenal, so the support was disabled.

	* Shark : compatible with version 3.0 libshark is available in

Never heard of it before.

 I am proposing to update the packaging files (with some help from
Rashad), but these packages should be pushed to unstable. Is it fine
with you ?

No, due to the freeze any package updates must be targetted to experimental.

But because of the OpenCV issue re-enabling the support won't last long, before the OpenCV support is re-enabled in OTB the version available in experimental must be supported.

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