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OTB package without machine learning


I would like to enable the machine learning models available in OTB but the package (from 5.8.0) is built without any of the third-parties providing these features. As a result, some applications in the package become unusable. Here is the list of 3rd parties providing ML models :

  • libSVM : compatible package available in unstable, but not in experimental
  • OpenCV : compatible versions is 2.4, libopencv-ml available in unstable, but not in experimental (where there is only 3.X available)
  • Shark : compatible with version 3.0 libshark is available in unstable
I am proposing to update the packaging files (with some help from Rashad), but these packages should be pushed to unstable. Is it fine with you ?


Guillaume PASERO
Responsable technique
Business Unit ESPACE & GeoInformation - Département Payload Data & Applications

CS Systèmes d'Information
Parc de la Grande Plaine - 5, Rue Brindejonc des Moulinais - BP 15872
31506 Toulouse Cedex 05 - FRANCE
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