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GEOS PHP bindings

Hi Daniel,

Some time ago you requested the PHP bindings to be enabled as part of the geos package build in #761467. PHP support was added because of that.

In the mean time PHP 7 has been released, and because SWIG still lacks support for PHP 7 the PHP bindings in the geos package have been disabled and aren't likely to be re-enabled before the stretch freeze.

Are you still interested in PHP support for GEOS? And if so, would you like to help maintain the PHP bindings for GEOS which have been split off into its project? [0]

I have no personal need for PHP support in GEOS, and am not aware of any projects that require it other than geoPHP for Drupal which is not packaged in Debian. So I'm hesitant to package the GEOS PHP bindings unless someone steps up to help maintain the php-geos package.

[0] https://lists.osgeo.org/pipermail/geos-devel/2016-August/007546.html

Kind Regards,


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