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fyba & sosi2osm packaging

Hi Ruben,

Thanks for your work on fyba & sosi2osm packaging.

As you may have noticed, I've pushed some changes for fyba to make it conform to the Debian GIS Policy, specifically setting the Maintainer & Uploaders fields correctly.

Please have a look at these changes, like the DEP3 corrections and watch file improvements.

Having reviewed the packages, I'm wondering why both autotools-dev & dh-autoreconf are used. dh-autoreconf alone should normally be sufficient, are config.guess & config.sub not updated by autoreconf?

I'm also wondering why the library is not stripped, this generates quite a number of lintian issues. Can you clarify this?

Last but certainly not least, I've pushed a patch for the RC bug in sosi2osm (#835717). Can you have a look at that, and forward it upstream if you agree the fix is appropriate?

Please also resolve these lintian issues:

 dep5-copyright-license-name-not-unique (paragraph at line 24)
 out-of-date-standards-version 3.9.6 (current is 3.9.8)

Do you have time to look at the above soon, or shall I upload sosi2osm with the patch to fix the RC bug?

Kind Regards,


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