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Fwd: [netcdfgroup] Introducing netCDF Explorer

Hi All,

I have not tried it yet, but a netCDF GUI is now available.



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Subject: 	[netcdfgroup] Introducing netCDF Explorer
Date: 	Mon, 2 Nov 2015 00:37:18 -0600
From: 	Pedro Vicente <pedro.vicente@space-research.org>
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Today we announce the release of a new product, netCDF Explorer.

netCDF Explorer is multi-platform graphical browser for netCDF files.
netCDF Explorer can browse files locally or remotely, by means of
OPeNDAP <http://www.opendap.org/>.

It is available at


Downloads are available for Mac, Windows and Linux. Source code is
available at GitHub.


netCDF Explorer follows the design of our flagship product, HDF Explorer.

*HDF Explorer recently reached the mark of 30,000 users. It has become
the most widely acclaimed browser for HDF files.*

*HDF Explorer was developed only for the Windows platform, and one
request we frequently have is the availability for Mac and Linux. When
HDF Explorer was written, there was not available a good (or any, for
that matter), cross platform GUI framework written in C++.*

We recently came across with an excellent GUI framework that is a joy to
work with, that allows the deployment to Mac, Linux, and Windows with
one source code base. So, a project that was on the back burner for many
years, quickly came to light in the short time frame of one month. The
first product is netCDF Explorer.

Due to the short time of development, netCDF Explorer can be considered
as a simple start with a lot of room to grow.

Nonetheless we decided to release it at this time to get a feeling of
netCDF/HDF/OpenDAP user’s comments, suggestions, or any problems they
may encounter examining their own netCDF files.

So, please send any comments, suggestions, problems found.

Other tools for browsing netCDF files:



Pedro Vicente
pedro.vicente@space-research.org <mailto:pedro.vicente@space-research.org>

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