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Re: NetCDF 4.4.0 RC3 removed symbols requiring new transition

On 10-10-15 13:42, Sebastiaan Couwenberg wrote:
> netCDF-C 4.4.0-rc3 has been released an it unfortunately breaks the ABI
> by removing 3 symbols:
> - nc_exit@Base 4.4.0~rc2
> - num_plists@Base 4.4.0~rc2
> - num_spaces@Base 4.4.0~rc2
> + swap4b@Base 4.4.0~rc3
> This requires a SONAME bump triggering a new netcdf transition.
> I've opened an issue upstream to discuss the SONAME bump requirement:
> https://github.com/Unidata/netcdf-c/issues/133

Because the three removed symbols were introduced in the 4.4.0 RCs,
chances are good these symbols aren't used by any of the reverse
dependencies and can safely be dropped.

> Because we'll need another netcdf transition, this is a good opportunity
> to add the netcdf MPI library too. As mentioned in the previous netcdf
> transition discussions, providing only the MPI variant is not an option,
> it needs to be built in addition to serial variant just like HDF5.
> @Nico, do you, and can you, work on the MPI support for netcdf?
> I've put off finalizing the rc3 packaging for experimental, because I'd
> first like to get some feedback from upstream about the SONAME bump. If
> they strongly disagree about bumping the SONAME, we can work around that
> by patching it ourselves, or only changing the package name (e.g.
> libnetcdf7a).

No feedback from upstream yet, but may be we can save us a transition.

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