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NetCDF 4.4.0 RC3 removed symbols requiring new transition

netCDF-C 4.4.0-rc3 has been released an it unfortunately breaks the ABI
by removing 3 symbols:

- nc_exit@Base 4.4.0~rc2
- num_plists@Base 4.4.0~rc2
- num_spaces@Base 4.4.0~rc2
+ swap4b@Base 4.4.0~rc3

This requires a SONAME bump triggering a new netcdf transition.

I've opened an issue upstream to discuss the SONAME bump requirement:


Because we'll need another netcdf transition, this is a good opportunity
to add the netcdf MPI library too. As mentioned in the previous netcdf
transition discussions, providing only the MPI variant is not an option,
it needs to be built in addition to serial variant just like HDF5.

@Nico, do you, and can you, work on the MPI support for netcdf?

I've put off finalizing the rc3 packaging for experimental, because I'd
first like to get some feedback from upstream about the SONAME bump. If
they strongly disagree about bumping the SONAME, we can work around that
by patching it ourselves, or only changing the package name (e.g.

Kind Regards,


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