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Re: JOSM backports and its negative effect on other packages

On 24-10-15 11:01, Felix Natter wrote:
> Backporting JMapViewer (and thus Freeplane) to jessie would
> involve backporting knopflerfish (which should be easy because no
> other r-deps need to be fixed) and possibly (if Freeplane 1.6 will be
> released in time) "insubstantial" (flamingo/substance/trident) as well,
> which includes fixing several r-deps (which I consider to be a lot of
> work!).
> BTW: I will be away from my workstation from ~ 17.11.-8.12. (or even
> until 15.12.). Do you want to upgrade JMapViewer in that time frame?

No, I'm in no hurry to backport JOSM. I'm leaning towards deeming it
unsuitable for backports, although I'd like to have a JOSM backport to
not need the upstream jars on stable.

Because of the lack of feedback on this list, I think this discussion
should also be done on the java list to get the perspective of the
metadata-extractor & tika maintainers.

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