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Re: Removing OSRM from Debian

On 20/10/15 21:48, Sebastiaan Couwenberg wrote:
> We have the osrm package in Debian (and Ubuntu wily) for about two
> months now, after about two years since the ITP bug was filed.
> And now the upstream developers have basically asked us to remove the
> package from the archive again because they cannot support it in stable
> releases:
> "
>  I talked to @TheMarex and @danpat and came to the conclusion that we
>  don't think it would make much sense to have OSRM packaged and
>  eventually shipped in a stable Debian release.
> "
> https://github.com/Project-OSRM/osrm-backend/issues/1744#issuecomment-149689363
> This is sad news, but not entirely unexpected. The upstream developers
> of mapnik-vector-tile also didn't see the need for Debian packages:
> https://github.com/mapnik/clipper/issues/1#issuecomment-139774002
> It may or may not be a coincidence that these developers are employed by
> Mapbox.
> The question before us is if we want to keep osrm in Debian and
> derivatives despite the reservations of the upstream developers?
> Christopher, do you want to keep maintaining osrm for the duration of
> stable releases without upstream support? And what are your thoughts
> about osrm packaging in Debian in general?

I am not currently using OSRM, and have not done so for some time now.
Unfortunately, I think that this means that it does not make sense for
me to attempt to contribute to the maintenance of the package.

Personally I would like to see it available through Debian, but I
realise that it is probably sensible to check that someone can provide
some minimum level of support, especially as OSRM is used with the ever
changing OSM dataset.

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