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Re: GDAL 2.0.1

Some of the upstream developers are already aware of the GDAL 2.0 issues
preventing successful builds.

On 19-10-15 07:46, Sebastiaan Couwenberg wrote:
>  fiona             (1.6.2-1)                          FTBFS

GDAL 2.0 support is discussed upstream in a couple of issues:


Thanks to Johan for pointing this out.

>  osrm              (4.7.1-2)                          FTBFS

And thanks to Jochen for getting the ball rolling for OSRM:


>  pprepair          (0.0~20150323-6284890-2)           FTBFS
>  prepair           (0.7-3)                            FTBFS

No GDAL 2.0 issues yet, still TODO.

>  sumo              (0.23.0+dfsg1-2)                   FTBFS

There is GDAL 2.0 support in sumo thanks to #1868 & r18752:


>  vtk6              (6.2.0+dfsg1-4)                    FTBFS

No GDAL 2.0 issue yet, still TODO.

>  osmcoastline      (2.1.1-1)                          FTBFS

Has an (empty) issue for GDAL 2.0 support:


>  pktools           (2.6.4-3)                          FTBFS

No GDAL 2.0 issue yet, still TODO.

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