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Re: How is the state of GDAl 2.0 package?

On 13-10-15 18:23, Amedeo Fadini wrote:
> I'll ask my debian gurus how to setup
> cowbuilder and local repository and will try to build...

The basic cowbuilder setup is documented in Debian GIS Policy:


You need to create the chroot, e.g.
/var/cache/pbuilder/base-sid+rebuild.cow/, as documented in the policy,
but also specify use the --othermirror option to point to your local
repository. I host my own APT repository using reprepro [0] with a
sid-rebuild distribution that is used by exclusively for packages to use
in the sid+rebuild.cow chroot.

Alternatively you can use a local directory instead of a full fledged
APT repository as documented in the PbuilderTricks wiki [1] (replace
pbuilder with cowbuilder for its example commands).

[0] https://mirrorer.alioth.debian.org/

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