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Re: Routino 3.0, libroutino, and QMapShack 1.3.1

Back with part 3, the finale.

On 16-09-15 00:07, Sebastiaan Couwenberg wrote:
> On 14-09-15 00:52, Sebastiaan Couwenberg wrote:
>> libroutino doesn't use a SONAME currently which makes including it in
>> Debian as-is problematic. We'll need to add a SONAME before we can
>> consider Routino 3.0 for unstable, either directly in the simple
>> Makefiles or deferring to libtool.
> I'm in contact with Andrew to improve upon the soname patch I added for
> the Debian package, the SONAME fix will be applied upstream in the near
> future so we won't need to carry the patch long.

The SONAME changes are available in Routino SVN r1803 [0]. It includes
changes from my initial patch for the Debian package, along with further
improvements by Andrew.

I've update the package to use the upstream SONAME changes instead of
the initial soname patch.

> There is still an issue that needs to be resolved before the upload to
> experimental. Some of the perl scripts executed during the build process
> fail due to the changed path to the router executable by the web_path
> patch. Ideally we have a situation where the scripts run successfully
> using the relative paths as part of the build, and also after
> installation using the (absolute) paths as installed.
> I've disabled the web_path patch for now, but it needs to be re-enabled
> in favour of patching update-profiles.pl and/or paths.pl to be smarter
> about the different paths to the router executable between the build
> environment and eventual installation.

This has also been fixed. The default paths are now used during the
build, and the custom paths after installation (depending on the MODE
environment variable).

Because the new libroutino{,-slim} libraries also require the XML files
like routino itself, I've moved these to the new routino-common package.
The QMapShack FindROUTINO.cmake requires the XML files along with
libroutino.so & routino.h. Both the library and routino packages now
depend on routino-common for the XML files.

Because of the new binary packages we still can't upload QMapShack 1.3.1
until routino (3.0-2) passes the NEW queue. NEW processing is reasonably
fast again, so I don't expect this to take long.

[0] http://www.routino.org/viewvc?view=revision&revision=1803

Kind Regards,


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