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Routino 3.0, libroutino, and QMapShack 1.3.1

Hi Uwe and others,

Routino 3.0 was released this weekend. It's the first release to
incorporate the new libroutino shared library. It was initially bundled
in QMapShack 1.3.0, but it has been dropped in QMapShack 1.3.1 also
released this weekend.

libroutino doesn't use a SONAME currently which makes including it in
Debian as-is problematic. We'll need to add a SONAME before we can
consider Routino 3.0 for unstable, either directly in the simple
Makefiles or deferring to libtool.

I've contacted Andrew Bishop to inquire about his thoughts about the
libroutino SONAME and possibly using libtool. If upstream can fix this
in the near future we may not have to worry about it.

Kind Regards,


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