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Re: saga in gdal transition tracker

On 02-09-15 12:35, Johan Van de Wauw wrote:
> I was wondering if there is a way to find out that such a binNMU has
> happened. I was actually watching the qa page for libvigraimpex [1]
> for changes.

There may be an alert for it in the package tracker.

I keep an eye on my buildd status overview to check the logs after new
uploads (to update the symbols, look for test failures, etc), it's easy
to notice rebuilds that weren't triggered by an upload.

The links to your package overviews are easy to find via your DDPO page:


> Shouldn't the library names for libvigraipex change, cfr [2]?

They should, and they will as part of the libvigraipex transition when
it starts. libvigraipex was recently rebuild for libopenexr6v5 as
mentioned in the changelog and buildd status page:


This had the nice side effect of making saga buildable in unstable again
even though the libvigraipex transition has not started yet.

You may also want to ping the libvigraipex maintainer about starting the
transition, there is no need to wait for a go-ahead from the Release
Team, the following is the guideline for the ongoing GCC 5 transitions:

 (libstdc++ follow-up transitions which do not entangle with
 another libstdc++ follow-up transition, or those where a
 nested transition is already completed are fine to upload to
 unstable. If you're not sure, please ask first.)


Because of the large number of transitions triggered by the libstdc++
GCC 5 transition, coordination with the Release Team doesn't work as
well as in the past. I didn't get a go-ahead for all except the gdal
transition, they were required to allow other transitions to move along
or even complete.

Communicate the actions taken in the related transition bugreport to
keep everyone reading along informed. And consider updating the
transition status in the TitanPad document used to still do some form of


Kind Regards,


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