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Re: Fwd: Processed: bug 791067 is forwarded to https://release.debian.org/transitions/html/auto-hdf5.html

Alastair McKinstry a écrit le 21/08/2015 16:21 :
> Hi Bas + Gilles,
> Is the plan to do a libhdf5v5 transition? I presume the 1.8.15
> transition is not ready, though I haven't checked.

No, I won't go for a libhdf5v5 transition. HDF5 has 60+ rdepends and I
don't intend to do the job twice. I want to push directly for HDF5 1.8.15.

I was in vac until last sunday. I hope to have this sorted out by the
end of september. Any help welcome :)



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