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Re: Merging GRASS upstream packaging with DebianGIS

On 2015-07-21 15:11, Ivan Minčík wrote:
I am trying to adjust rules file for 'grass/daily' branch and I have found multiple lines moving some files which contain hardcoded GRASS version on
one side of the command. Example:

 mv debian/tmp/usr/lib/grass70/gui/wxpython/iclass/iclass_frame.jpg

What is the reason not using VERSION variable ? If I will change it to the another hardcoded value, I would have a problem to merge with development

I don't like automatically generated packaging during the build. I like changes to the packaging to be explicit and documented in the VCS history (not hidden from sight in the pbuilder chroot); the packaging in git should be the same as included in the resulting package.

Changing the path for a new upstream release (e.g. 7.1) should be done in a commit that changes all occurrences.

Since GRASS upstream maintains 3 branches (6.4, 7.0 & 7.1) using branches for each seems better than using a single packaging branch for all.

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