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Re: status of the opencpn PPA for inclusion in Debian

On 2015-03-21 22:56:09, Pavel Kalian wrote:
> On 03/21/2015 07:18 PM, Antoine Beaupré wrote:


> While it can be built, it is pretty sure there are issues in how it
> works with wx3 on Linux, it received very little testing upstream and
> certainly won't get any but totally trivial and safe wx3 related fixes
> in the 4.0 series.
> Master leading to 4.2 is a different thing, but currently alpha quality
> due to Android support landing.
> Until Precise reaches EOL it's support will get precedence over Debian
> as for upstream it represents more users with less skill, equaling to
> more support "costs" if it stops to be totally straightforward.

I understand. But my point is more that the Debian package can be made
to build against wx3 without forcing the Ubuntu side to do the same. We
could upload first to experimental for example and test out the

If Ubuntu stability is important, maybe we should just diverge the
packages from the PPA from the packages uploaded into debian
directly. Eventually they will merge as the Debian packages trickle down
into the next Ubuntu releases...


> I would also love to live in a Debian/GNU centric world where Windows
> users don't think they can build packages from source without reading
> C++ for Dummies and OS X users that they use the only platform on
> Earth... Unfortunately I don't ;)

I am not sure that's what pabs was suggesting. :)

All that we're saying here is that there could be a base tarball with
just the OpenCPN source code (and I also believe the VCS repos should
hold only that) and a separate tarball with dependent libraries
builtin. At the VCS level, this could (for example) be accomplished
through git submodules.


> Anyway, I have modified the Launchpad packaging scripts to strip
> everything not needed for the Linux build while creating the source
> tarball,

... while not the ideal solution in my mind, that's fine too! :)

> how can it be submitted for review?

Well, how do you manage the source now? Should we collaborate somewhere
or would you prefer the source for the Debian-specific packages to be
managed separately?

I often use "collab-maint" for such collaboration, but OpenCPN is a bit
special as it falls under the lead of the GIS team (in CC), and
therefore has its own set of tools. More information:


> Or should I submit a patch for get-orig-source?

I think that would be the most standard solution.

> Where and how
> (http://anonscm.debian.org/viewvc/pkg-grass/packages/opencpn/trunk/
> seems a bit out of date)?

I think that SVN repository was a different packaging effort than yours
(unless you started from there!) and should probably be disregarded at
this point, as it is outdated.

Furthermore, it seems the GIS team is switching to git:


So the proper place for the repository should probably be a git repo in
the GIS team. But I am not sure how to grant you access to that on
Alioth, maybe the GIS people can tell us here?

> I suppose the data packages opencpn-doc, opencpn-gshhs and
> opencpn-tcdata should be usable in the same form they already have on
> Launchpad.

I haven't reviewed those so I can't say, but I assume that's correct.

I will probably do a final review before sponsoring the upload
anyways. So far I am trusting you things were magically fixed, but
unfortunately I *will* need to do some more audit work before the upload
just to avoid pissing off the FTP-masters needlessly (the poor souls ;).

Thank you for your patience!


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