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Re: Packaging GRASS 7

On 02/08/2015 01:07 PM, Sebastiaan Couwenberg wrote:
> While I'm not familiar with Python ctypes, I suspect the proper
> conversion should to be:
>  ('st_spare', c_int * 8),
> based on the evaluated _SPARE_SIZE expression.
> A workaround on Hurd may be to disable LARGEFILE64 so the stat struct is
> used instead of stat64. On Linux & kFreeBSD stat64 isn't used either.

In the end I settled for patching the ctypesgen script to encode the
Python ternary expression in parenthesis for proper nesting.

The final issue with GRASS 7 on Hurd was a failure to generate the HTML
description for r.viewshed which only reports the following error there:

ERROR: Field <projection> missing

On all other architectures this issue doesn't occur, and since it's only
one piece of documentation I've opted to not fail the build when
generating HTML documentation fails.

The second upload of GRASS 7.0.0RC1 including the patches for kFreeBSD &
Hurd succeeded on all architectures.

While the buildds were still busy with this second revision, the GRASS
team released RC2 and mentioned this on #osgeolive. This prompted me to
start updating the packaging, which I uploaded earlier today after the
buildds were done with the previous upload.

The QGIS Processing changes for GRASS 7 made their way into OSGeo-Live
so that's going to get some real world testing soon. But there has been
no progress on the native QGIS GRASS plugin yet. I spoke briefly about
that with Markus at FOSDEM, and he said that he may look into it but
didn't want to become the new maintainer of plugin. So the GRASS 7
future of the QGIS plugin is still uncertain.

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