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Re: Packaging GRASS 7

On 01/11/2015 12:18 AM, Sebastiaan Couwenberg wrote:
> With the upcoming RC releases for GRASS 7 it's high time that we
> consider it's inclusion in Debian and it's derivatives via official
> packages.

Yesterday I uploaded GRASS 7.0.0RC1, but unfortunately it FTBFS on
hurd-i386 & kfreebsd-* due to insufficient retooling of the build
system. configure fails with "Unknown platform" errors on these

While autotools-dev updates config.sub & config.guess this is not
enough. It's currently not possible to use dh-autoreconf, because
`autoreconf -f -i` fails horribly to regenerate configure from
configure.in, because autoconf gets confused by the configure.in from
the instdir patch it finds under the quilt .pc directory.

Excluding the .pc directory with `dh_autoreconf -X.pc/` is not enough
for a clean autoreconf, so I need to try some more options. Maybe just
move the configure customization to d/rules, although that's not very

If anybody has suggestion how to deal with this autoconf issue I'm all ears.

Kind Regards,


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