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Re: Problem building otb

> Il 20/01/2015 10:56, Sebastiaan Couwenberg ha scritto:
>> python-central is deprecated, the Python build should be adapted to use
>> dh_python2 (and ideally also dh_python3).
> so, is this an issue upstream, or limited to deb?

The use of dh_python is specific to the Debian package. python-central,
python-support & dh-python* are all Debian package helpers for Python.

The dh_python approach is currently the recommended best practice. There
is also pybuild for building Python software in Debian, that can be used
instead of the upstream build system. Like dh_python it supports all the
Debian specific Python changes.


pybuild is ideal for building pure Python modules, if Python is only a
part of a larger build process, it may not be better to stick to the
upstream build system.

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