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Re: How to package a binary provided by python2 and python3


On Tue, Nov 04, 2014 at 09:37:49PM +0100, Johan Van de Wauw wrote:
> python3-fiona). My question is what I should do with the binary
> '/usr/bin/rio' (or /usr/bin/fiona'):

> * include one binary in python-rasterio and discard it from python3-rasterio
> * create a seperate package (eg python-rasterio.rio or
> python-rasterio-bin) with the binary, but only for python2
> * create two separate binary packages which conflict (seems worst option to me)
> * create two packages containing the binary which don't conflict, but
> rename the binary ie one is /usr/bin/rio and the other /usr/bin/rio3

I am no Debian maintainer, and cannot recommend on the best practice.

However, I was missing another option:
 * provide the binaries in both packages, and let alternatives handle
   which is used. In this case it might actually not matter which is
   default (since presumably both do the same), but it would not create
   a conflict, and users of both versions would 'see' the binary.


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